Who We Are

David Carney  MAAT
Senior Partner
Welcome to our website of Accountants of Worcester (AOW) Ltd.  I am the founding member of the practice, which was created back in 2014.  I always wanted to work in finance but never had the opportunity, so I went to university as a mature student and completed the HND in Business and Finance.  Armed with that qualification, I moved to Worcester and joined HMRC in 2003 hoping that there would be opportunities for me.  Alas, I joined at a time when austerity was kicking in, and so working in Debt Recovery was my only role within HMRC.  However, after leaving HMRC in 2009, my circumstances changed so that it gave a chance to go to the local college and train to become an AAT Accountant.  This was achieved in January 2013 and Accountants of Worcester was created in 2014.  Setting up the company was the perfect route for me as it gave me an active say in my work/life balance.
As for outside the practice, i organise and run the local Veterans Breakfast Club, as i'm a former Royal Engineers reserve.  I'm also Treasurer to a number of charity groups.
Our Firm


In 2015, Accountants of Worcester became a partnership, when Kathleen Carney joined.  Kath brings with her 40 years worth of experience working within bookkeeping and accounts for a variety of clients.  However, she has mainly worked with smaller companies as the years have gone by.

This partnership has grown, as well as the client base, all of whom are happy to use our services both monthly and annually.  Our main success is that we work closely with our clients and talk to them at a personal level which helps them to understand how we work, what we do and how we achieve the end result.  I cannot stress how important it is to be able to build up a good rapport with a client, because it puts them at ease when they fully understand why they need to maintain records, and why they need to comply with HMRC or Companies House.  Quite often, it's handy for me to have a background with HMRC, because if a new or potential client comes knocking on the door with a letter from HMRC saying their Tax Return is overdue, I can discuss in laymen's terms exactly what HMRC want them to do.  Which in turn, I can resolve on behalf of that client.  And ultimately, our fees charged are fair and competitive for the services that we complete on behalf of the client.

Due to the continued growth of the business, it was decided that Accountants of Worcester was to go Limited, thus Accountants of Worcester (AOW) Ltd was born in April 2018.  However, we will continue to work and offer the same services to the current and potential clients, namely accounts recovery for HMRC compliance, CIS subbies, sole traders and many other professions to complete their Tax Returns, be it at as a sole trader or limited company.  To contact us for more information, click on the button below.........