Services Offered

Accountants of Worcester (AOW) Ltd offers a first class, personal service to all clients.  We specialise predominantly in accounts recovery

for sole traders, small businesses and Limited Companies.  Our services are listed below, but if you require any other service please contact us

to discuss further at your convenience.  We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and to see if we can assist you with your accounts.

Self Assessment & Tax


Starting out in Self Assessment or already registered? We can help with maintaining your books on a monthly or annual basis at a time convenient for you.  Our service can include data input of all your invoices and receipts, to then create yearly accounts which can be used to complete the annual Tax Return online if you are already registered with HMRC.

Bookkeeping Services


Most of our bookkeeping services roll in to the Self Assessment or Limited Companies package.  However, if you solely wish to employ us to only do your bookkeeping, we currently charge £25 per hour as and when you require, minimum 4 hours rolling contract per visit.

Limited Companies & Tax


Have you just become a director or finding it difficult to dedicate your time in completing your accounts on time?  Speak to us and we can help you plan successfully so that HMRC and Companies House receive correct and professional accounts on time.  All of our accounts are done online via Capium (Cloud Software) and it gives you the opportunity to view your finances at an instant and help plan for the future.

Self Assessment Package


Our Self Assessment plans starts from £30 per month by standing order on a 12 month rolling contract.  We guarantee to dedicate at least one hour per month to your needs, whether it be contacting HMRC on your behalf to data input to update your accounts.  There are no hidden charges at the end of the year when it comes to submitting your Tax Return.  Our software is already preparing that as we input data every month and so a push of the button is all that is needed at year end.   Should you require any other services, please contact us for a more tailored plan to suit your needs.

If a monthly contract is not for you, speak to us for a quote on a year by year package.

From £40 per month

Ltd Company Package


Working with Limited Companies means more time is needed with attention to detail in maintaining accounts.  Which is why we offer the package to include bookkeeping to ensure the smooth running of your accounts.  From there, formal accounts need to be prepared for submission to HMRC and Companies House.  Our package starts from £100 per month on a 12 month rolling contract, however, if you require our services as a one off each year, contact us for a quote.



From £125 per month

Other Fees 

 £200 to complete a Self Assessment (SA) Tax Return using current income statement (Trading & Profit & Loss Statement) 

£600 to complete a CT600 and Companies House Return and accounts using finalised accounts for that year

£75 charge for the resolution and repayment of a standard SA tax rebate

£75 charge per SA penalty appeal per year

£25 standard charge for an administration fee for unpaid invoice reminders  

Cloud Accounting


Accountants of Worcester (AOW) Ltd currently have a successful partnership with Capium, who are a UK based Cloud Accounting Software company.  With their services provided, we are able to complete multiple tasks using the same platform, from bookkeeping to submitting Tax Returns at the push of a button.  If requested, the client can also be set up as a user of the software so that they can either view their record or have more control if they require.  Presently, Capium are also trialing a mobile app which lets clients capture receipts, then input the dates and figures which merge with their records.  With all of this technology at our fingertips, Capium are an amazing company to offer our services with., click the link below to visit their website.............